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Abano Spa

Thermal5colours fills the gap between medicine and aesthetics, the missing link between beauty and health. It provides a response to the need to optimize your vacation and get the greatest value out of the time you dedicate to yourself.
Thermal5colours is the expectation met by a dedicated product.
Thermal5Colours is wellbeing in a jar, wellness in living color!

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Thermal Water

AbanoSPA thermal water spray 125 ml composed of bromide and iodide salt hyper-thermal water of the Euganean thermal baths, microorganisms grown in the Euganean mud, that received the European Patent (ETS 03), enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid with antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

How to use: spray on face and on body for a moisturized, regenerated and illuminated skin. As a toning lotion, after sport, after bathing in the swimming pool or in the sea, as after sun or after-shave lotion.

Moisturizing cream
"Total body hydrodetox"

Body massage cream 500 ml, with bromide and iodide salt hyper-thermal water of the Euganean thermal baths and microorganisms grown in the Euganean mud, that received the European Patent (ETS08), enriched with karitè butter and sesame oil. Myrrh fragrance.

How to use: apply on clean skin and massage until it is completely absorbed.

Moisturizing facial cream "Hydroprotective" 

Day cream and post treatment face mask 200 ml, with bromide and iodide salt hyper-thermal water of the Euganean thermal baths and microorganisms grown in the Euganean mud, that received the European Patent (ETS05), enriched with argan oil, cupoacu butter and asta xantina seaweed.

How to use: massage gently with upward movements until the cream is completely absorbed. Treatment mask: apply profusely on clean skin. After 10 minutes, massage the face and rinse it with warm water.

                                      THERMAL5COLOURS® - The coloured Wellness

Each colored clay represents a protocol in its own right with a calibrated objective and application, and a distinctive origin – the Euganean Hills Thermal Spa area -  and provides response to  a precise aroma therapy research containing exclusive active principles: ETS05 - ETS 03 - ETS 08 that create the perfect blend of feeling good and looking good when mixed with Euganean Hills Thermal Water.


• Fragrance: myrrh
• Effect: detoxifying
• Active principle: siliceous shells. Promotes cellular exchange, leaving the skin with a soft, velvety feel. A gentle scrub for fresh glow and radiance.


• Fragrance: grapes 
• Effect: antiage protection 
• Active principle: polyphenols from Euganean Hills grape marc. This biological wine liquefaction rich in polyphenols defends the skin against external aggression in general, and the oxidative stress responsible for cellular ageing in particular.


• Fragrance: fig 
• Effect: anti-water
• Active principle: patented thermal algae ETS08, unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin. The association of a high concentration of thermal algae ETS08 with specific active substances promotes lipolysis while improving cellular metabolism efficiency and drainage.


• Fragrance: coriander 
• Effect: muscle relaxation for busy people
• Active principle: patented thermal algae ETS05, unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin. High toning and invigorating power combined with a soothing, and decongesting effect gives the body fresh energy.


• Fragrance: Neroli’s essential oil
• Effect: intensive anti-age treatment for mature skin • Active principle: patented thermal algae ETS03, unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin. This anti age treatment effectively contrasts cellular trophism and stretch marks, stimulating cutaneous renewal and the natural production of skin support fibre.

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