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Wellness in the nature's embrace: for every season of the year and of the life


The pools and the park blend together creating a perfect environment to relax the mind in a luxuriant nature.

Whirpools pools, Kneipp basins and the big thermal waterfall enrich the garden, offering pure relaxation, also in winter season, thanks to the warm water temperature and to the soft vapour.

Hotel Terme Millepini has three thermal pools: one is indoor, always illuminated by the wide glasses; two are outdoor, and one of them is connected to the inside pool.

The indoor swimming pool is provided with disable access and seat for the entrance in the water.

Soothe your aches and pains with massage whirlpools for legs and back, powerful water spouts, jets for cervical massage while chatting with others or relax in your own thoughts.
They are opened in every season of the year and the temperature can be varied to suit the climate ( 36 - 35 ° C in winter, 34 - 32° C in summer).

Relax is the main activity. Thermal pools are also suitable for swimmers and other physical activities. Every week there are pool programmes, including aqua gym, free for our Guests.

We also offer private rehabilitation lessons.

Heat as Purification

The tradition of steam baths dates back to the Roman times. The subdivision into three areas (Calidarium, Tepidarium and Frigidarium), placed in succession, led the person through a wellness program using the steam, the warm water and the cold water.

The use of the Thermal Euganean Water exploits the natural heat of the water at 80 ° C from the source and increases the benefits ,thanks to its precious physical and chemical properties (it is rich of elements such as salt, bromine and iodine).




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