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Live with care


Our Spa is focused on giving you the perfect treatment. Experience pure relaxation, healing and wellness using therapies both ancient and ultra-modern. We specialize in thermal treatments, occidental and oriental massages, professional cosmetic treatments.

The harmony of the location, the fragrance of essential oils, the soft light of the candles give balance and serenity.


How to Enjoy the Grotto

The division into three areas (Calidarium, Tiepidarium and Frigidarium) leads the person through a path of wellness by the sequential use of steam, warm water and cold water.

Stay a few minutes in the Tiepidarium so as the body can slowly warm up.



Enter to "Calidarium" for 10 - 15 minutes. Wash your chair before sitting down.

Refresh your body taking a thermal shower: one is with hot water and the other is with cold water, both with aromatherpy, to activate the circulation and set in motion the oxygen in the body.


Make a whirpool - massage or a Kneipp session, which helps to strengthen the immune system and stimulates circulation.

Drink water before and after the use of the grotto.

Kids & Junior SPA

Discover also the KIDS & Junior SPA 3months + and the treatments for kids from 6 to 12 years.


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