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Begin from the water - the experience of wellbeing

The water is an extraordinary element: all the articulations' activities are easier, movements are looser, the muscles relax, pain decreases.

The water, with its physical and chemical properties, is also the ideal environment for therapeutic and rehabilitation activities.


Balneotherapy involves submerging the body in a tank containing hot, ozone - enriched thermal water. The bubbles developed by the ozone ensure an intense vasodilatation because they stimulate blood circulation.

Balneotherapy is performed using sodiobromidiodic thermal waters at a temperature of 36 - 38 °C.

Thanks to the pressure exerted by the water, thermal baths are ideal for the joints, for the treatment of pain and muscular atrophy. These treatments are extremely important in rehabilitation after traumas, fractures and surgery.

Moreover, the chemical composition of the water helps cure chronic inflammatory processes and many types of dermatosis.


Hydrokinetic Therapy

Hydrokinetics exploits the physical - chemical properties of the water for therapeutic purposes. When submerged, the body weighs nearly 90% less so that the person can handle the rehabilitation exercises with significantly less effort, thus achieving excellent results more quickly.

The specific chemical composition and theperature of the thermal water also facilitates easy, gradual recovery of muscle exercise.

Hydrokinetic therapy is the ideal treatment for patient with a deficit in muscular strenght, it improves, or maintains existing, physical strenght prior to surgery for patients with arthritis, neurological disorders and for the aged.

The treatment in the pool is fun, relaxing, joining the beneficial effects of the hot thermal waters with those of physical exercise. It is a natural and effective treatment not only to recover and maintain locomotory function, but also to reduce the recovery time for over - fatigued or traumatized joints.


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