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The benefits of inhalation therapy

Special instruments break up the particles of mineral water, atomizing them and transforming them into an effective treatment for upper and lower airways pathologies as well as for the prevention and treatment of chronic pathologies.

In recent years, deteriorating environmental conditions, smog, pollution, and both active and passive smoke have led to a rise in the number of persons with respiratory disorders. Thermal inhalation therapy is traditionally used and scientifically recognized in the treatment of respiratory diseases and in preventing the reinflammation of infective processes.

The Italian Ministry of Health recognizes the therapeutic role of thermal therapy in the treatment and rehabilitation of numerous pathologies. In fact, it has drawn up a detailed outline of all diseases that can be treated in this way.  For E.N.T. and airways disorders the treatment cycle involves 24 inhalation treatments.

Healthy effects:

Inhalation therapy has numerous therapeutic effects:

  1. Antiseptic action;
  2. Ciliary apparatus stimulation;
  3. Secretion fluidification;
  4. Reduction of non physiological microbiological component;
  5. Respiratory mucous normalization;

The Inhalation therapy is also suggest for the children form the ages of 3.



Treatment cycle - 12 + 12

Ihnalation cycle (12 inhalations + 12 aerosols) in caso di:

1) simple or obstructive chronic bronchitis (with the exception of asthma or advanced emphysema complicated by severe respiratory failure or chronic cor pulmonale)
2) vasomotory rhinopathy
3) chronic pharyngolaryngitis
4) chronic sinusitis or chronic nasosinusistic syndrome
5) chronic nasosinusistic-bronchial syndromes.


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