Website Use Terms

Terms of use of the website

The use (website) is exclusively provided to assist the Customer in the search of availability of rooms by Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40® in Montegrotto Terme, make reservations, no other purpose. Any speculative, false and fraudulent reservation or any reservtaion lacking an actual request is forbidden. 

The user of the website: 

  • Declares and assures to be major, to have to right to draw up reservation contracts and use the website in accordance with what established by the present conditions.
  • Accepts the financial responsibility on any use which he/she will make of this website and the use of his/her account by third parties, including, but not exclusively, people under 18 living with the user. 
  • Accepts to supervise any use of the website by under age people made through their account. 
  • Declares the correctness and truthfulness of all information provided when using the website.  
  • Declares that the reservation system of this website will be used exclusively to make legal reservations for him/herself or people who legally authorize him/her to reserve for them. 
  • Declares to be aware of the fact that he/she will be denied the access to the reservation system ater an excessive or improper use of it.
  • Declares to be aware of the fact that the reservation and the purchase of products and tourist services through this website is governed by a deposit and cancellation policy, sfecific for each product and service. 
  • Declares to respect all the terms and conditions of purchase, including, for example, the payments due at the deadline and the respect of all the rules and limits concerning the availability and use of the fares and services. In some cases, the fares and services selected can be subject to specific rules and limits. 
  • Declares to be aware of the fact that any violation of the mentioned conditions of use can lead to the cancellation of the reservation(s) the loss of the payments done for the reservation(s). 
  • Declares, in conclusion, to be aware of the fact that, after such violations, Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40® can debit the user with the costs payed because of the violations, considering the user the sole responsible of all charge, remuneration, tax and/or investigation coming form the use of this website.