Be reborn from the water

Water is an extraordinary element: while sinking into the water we receive a push from the bottom to the top that makes us feel lighter


Water is an extraordinary element: while sinking in the water we receive a push from the bottom to the top that makes us feellighter”: every articulation’s activity is easier, the movements are looser, the muscles relax, the pain decreases
Its physical and chemical properties make the ideal environment for therapeutic and rehabilitative activity


Balnotherapy consist in the immersion of the body in a tub filled with hyper-thermal water of the Euganean territory at the temperature of 36-38°C, and lasts about 10-15 minutes.

The water is enriched with precious microbubbles made of ozone that ensures an intense action of vasodilatation, stimulating the circulatory system too.

Furthermore, the ozone guarantees a clean and sanitized place, without using chlorine. For this reason the balneotherapy treatment is advised to newborns too and to people with a really sensitive skin.

The baths are individuals, placed inside comfortable rooms specialized in thermal treatments, ensuring more privacy and relax.
Its efficiency increases if the session of mud-bath therapy precedes this one. 

The benefits are specific for the wellbeing of the articulations, for the treatment of painful syndromes and muscular artrophies. It’s a really important therapy in post-trauma rehabilitation, fractures and surgical procedures.

The chemical composition of the water facilitates, as already said, the resolution of chronic inflammation processes and of multiples types of dermatosis.

Hydrokinetic therapy

The hydrokinetic therapy uses the chemical and physical properties of the thermal water for therapeutic purposes. During the immersion in the pool, the body is lightened almost the 90% of its weight, reducing significantly the effort during the movement in the water, making the process of rehabilitative exercises a lot easier, recording amazing therapeutic results in a very short time. 

The chemical composition, combined with the temperature of the thermal water encourages a gentle and progressive rehabilitation of the muscle. 

This exercise is advised to people who need to regain muscle tone, people who suffer of artrophies, people who have neurological issues. 

The therapy in the water entertains, relaxes and unifies the benefits of the immersion in the thermal water to the ones of the physical exercise. 

The hydrokinetic therapy represents a natural therapy, effective not only for the maintenance of the functions of the locomotor system, but also for the reduction of the rehabilitation period of overloaded or traumatized articulations.
This service is available for external customers too, without accommodation.