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Frequent questions - Rooms

What time are the rooms accessible? 

The rooms are accessible from  Le camere sono disponibili dalle ore 15:00 del giorno di arrivo alle 15:00 on the day of the arrival to 11:00 of the day of the check-out – it is possible to check-in also in the morning and have access to ths SPA, using the equipped changing rooms of the wellness centre to keep ypur baggages temporarily (it is advisable to bring a padlock for the closets) – and it is also possible to postpone the check-out until 20:00 at the cost of €30,00 per room. 

Are there rooms for people with disabilities?

In the hotel there are rooms that are suitable for people with disabilities, each with a wide and equipped bathroom, with support handles and flat access to the shower.  

Are there hypoallergenic rooms – without carpeted floor?

In the hotel there are some rooms with parquette, suitable for people with asthmatic problems or allergies. 

Are there rooms for families or groups? 

In the hotel there are quadruple rooms, suitable for families and groups of friends, which offer discounted prices. There are also adjoining rooms, which, however, don’t offer discounts.

What are the reductions for children?

There is a reduction of 100% for children from 0 to 1 years old, of 50% from 2 to 5, and of 25% from 6 to 12. 

Are pets allowed in the Hotel?

Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.

Frequent questions – Thermal SPA and Pools 

Does the hotel supply a kit for the SPA? 

The hotel, included in the price of the access to the SPA, supplies a bathrobe and a pool towel for adults and a towel for children between 6 and 12 years old. Pool slippers, swimsuit and swimming cap are not included. They can be bought at the SPA Shop.

Is it necessary to wear a swimming cap in the pool?

Yes, a swimming capi s required for hygiene purposes.

What are the opening hours of the Pools and the SPA? 

The thermal SPA and Pools are open from 8:00 to 19:30.

Is there a sauna and a Turkish bath? Are they included? 

The hotel offers a thermal itinerary, which includes: sudatory cave, waterfall tropical showers, aromatic showers, whirlpools. The path is included in the access to the thermal area, whithout extra costs. Children under 12 years old can’t enter the sudatory cave. 

Are children allowed to enter the pools? 

Yes, children over 3 years old can enter (it is necessary to use suitable diapers for swimming pools – for example, little swimmers). It is advisable to stay in the water for no longer than 40 minutes, after which it is recommended to drink water, have a healthy snack and relax. It is not permitted to jump into the pools and it is recommended to the guests to look after their children, in order to grant their safety and a pleasant atmosphere for the other guests. 


Frequent questions - Restaurant

What should I do in case of food intoleance or specific diets?

If you are following a specific diet (ex. Hyposodic), if you have food intolerances (ex. Coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, egg intolerance, etc.) or if you are vegetarian or vegna, it is possible to ask for a personalized menu including all the meals of the day. We recommend you inform the hotel at the moment of the reservation, in order to grant time to the stuff to plan the meals.


Frequent questions - Y-40® The Deep Joy

Is Y-40® The Deep Joy an independent structure or is it part of the hotel?

Y-40® The Deep Joy is in the park of the Hotel Terme Millepini and is an integral part of the structure, even though it offers services and activities which don’t depend on the hotel. 

Is Y-40® The Deep Joy the world deepest pool?

Yes, Y-40® The Deep Joy, that reaches -42,15 metres of depth, is the world deepest pool. 

Is Y-40® The Deep Joy filled with the same thermal water of the SPA pools?

Yes, Y-40® The Deep Joy is filled with the water of the Euganean thermal basin, kept at a temperature of 32-33°C. So, a swimsuit will not be necessary.

Is it necessary to buy a ticket to visit Y-40® The Deep Joy? Is it necessary to be a guest of the hotel? 

No, The visit of Y-40® The Deep Joy is completely free and it is not necessary to be a guest of the hotel – it is possible to see the interior of the pool thanks to the wide windows and the underwater tunnel put at -5 metres. The access to the poolside is limited exclusively to divers and participants to the courses.

Is it necessary to be a diver to enter the pool of Y-40® The Deep Joy?

No, both professional divers and beginners can enter Y-40® The Deep Joy (since 8 years old!). For further information you can visit the website or send an email to

The guests of the hotel can swim in Y-40® The Deep Joy without paying an extra fee. They can do it everyday from 16:00 to 17:00, provided they previously inform the reception.  

Which other courses are available by Y-40® The Deep Joy?

Y-40® The Deep Joy offers courses for pregnant women, aquatics courses for babies form 3 months to 3 years old, swimming lessons for children over 4 years old, acquagym, acquagym in deep water, postural gymnastics. For further information, you can visit the website or send an email to