Inhalational therapies

Your wellbeing… in a breath

Every breath we take we’re alive, giving our body new energy: if we master our breath we’re our own masters.

Inhalational therapies

Every breath we take we’re alive, and we give our body new energy: if we master our breath we’re our own masters.

The worse and worse environmental conditions such as smog, pollutants and smoke cause a constant irritation of the mucosa, increasing the production of secretions as a defense weapon and are the cause of a higher and higher number of breathing diseases. 
Besides, every spring 4 out of 10 Italians suffer from allergic syndromes caused by the pollen in the air and by a hypersensibility due to the new environment in which we live. 
The inhalational therapy (inhalations-aerosol-insufflations), helps us fighting these symptoms in a natural, gentle and easy way.

Therapeutic targets – ASL prescription

The benefits of the inhalational therapy are multiple:

  1. antiseptic action;
  2. Stimulating of the ciliary body;
  3. Fluidization of the excreted;
  4. standardization of the mucus characteristics;
  5. Reduction of the microbiological and non-physiological;
  6. It fights the dilatation of the blood vessels of nose and eyes;
  7. It lightens the unpleasant sensation of dryness, irritation and pruritus;

The inhalatory therapy is also suitable for 3 years old (or more) children, ask for advice to your pediatrician.

Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40® is in agreement with the National Health System for the administration, through medical prescription, of the inhalational therapies. Download the guide to the prescription of thermal cures and book your own medical appointment.

Advised cycle: 12+12
  1. Inhalation therapy cycle (12 sessions composed of 12 inhalations + 12 aerosol) in case of:
  2. Chronic bronchitis;
  3. Vasomotor rhynopathy;
  4. Chronic pharynolaryngitis;
  5. Chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitic syndrome;
  6. Chronic sinusitis_bronchial syndrome.