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Mud-bath treatment

From the millennial thermal tradition of the ancient romans to us, the mud-bath treatment was improved thanks to the scientific studies of the CNR and the University of Padua. In 2005 the “Fango Maturo DOC” (Mature Mud AOC), received recognition for its anti-inflammatory property compared to cortisone, with a national license, and in 3013 the recognition from Europe finally arrived.

A fairytale to tell

The Fango Termale Euganeo (Thermal Euganean Mud) is a 100% natural element and has a complex composition: it is the result of a knowledgeable mixture of more than one element that together give rise to life.
At the origin of this precious element there’s clay, rich of “goodmicro-organisms, coming from the thermal ponds of Arquà Petrarca (town in the Euganean territory that saw, in its inhabitants, the homonymous poet). This solid component is united to the precious hyper-thermal water of the Bacino Euganeo (Euganean Basin), at the natural temperature of 80°C. The union of these two elements happens in capacious tanks in open air, where water and mud remain for a period, called maturation period, of 50-60 days, in which the lively component, efficient for the cure, develops

Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40® has agreed upon the National Health Service for the somministration through medical prescription, of mud-bath treatments. Download the guide at the prescriprion of thermal treatments and book your medical appointment

Natural medicine

Together in the phases of mud-bath therapy

The thermal treatment through mud-bath therapy is a real ritual of wellbeing that follows an old tradition, using a modern monitoring system. 

 1. The introduction to the treatment is always conducted by Dr. Bertolini, a thermalist doctor.

During the meeting with the host, the doctor checks his/her health conditions and the painful spots to treat during the cycle of treatments.

He creates a real “health” data sheet, guiding the host to a correct and efficient approach to the treatment.

2. Mud pack
The mud-bath treatment begins with the application of mud at the temperature of 40-42°C. The affected areas are the back from the cervical to the lumbar region, the shoulders, the hips, the articulations of the upper and lower limb. Belly and chest remain free. After the application, a holding period follows, about 15-20 minutes, while the benefic properties of mud react, the sweating begins, and the production of endorphins, which help the body to react, are stimulated. At the end of this holding period, the operator helps the client to get up and take off the mud in excess with a shower of thermal water. 

3. Thermal bath + ozone
After the shower the host seats inside the spa tub in order to have a relaxing thermal bath, lasting 8-10 minutes, at the temperature of 37-38°C, with the addition of microbubbles of ozone that create an effervescent and revitalising effect. The ozone has the great property of maintaining the water purified without chlorine. After the bath the host can take a moment for him/herself, and drink a glass of water before receiving the massage.

4. Reaction’s massage
The mud-bath treatment session ends with a total body massage of reaction that lasts 10 minutes. It is so called because it helps the body to enhance the methabolic reactions stimulated during the treatment, it reactivates the lymphatic system and the circulatory system, it wakes the organism up and has a toning effect. Furthermore, the massage facilitates the disposal of potential liquids in excess.