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Nature and thermal bath

Our progenitor and grandfather Giuseppe fell immediately in love with the flourishing nature that nowadays hugs the Hotel; that’s why we care about this green heritage and we try to preserve the natural habitat of the hill, embracing the Hotel Millepini Terme and the Y-40 The Deep Joy

Although you can breathe art and beauty everywhere in the hotel, thanks to the paintings that adorn our walls, there is one in particular of extraordinary beauty, which changes from day to day, with the passing of time and seasons, thanks to the attentive look of the guest who sees an extraordinary beauty through his eyes: Nature

It is an excellent starting point to experience your emotions through walks in nature: among the paths in the hills, surrounded by expanses of tulips, among the fragrant lavender groves, or getting lost in the labyrinth of the garden of Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani in Galzignano Terme

It will be possible to observe the colors and smell the fragrances that change harmoniously with the rhythm of the seasons, also thanks to the gardens, oases and monumental parks in the surrounding area, up to the Botanical Garden of Padua, the oldest in the world and a UNESCO heritage site. 

It will be possible to discover the surrounding nature from different aspects, admire varied panoramas in which hills alternate with rivers, lakes, villages and castles, and decide to stop for a picnic in one of the picnic areas or at the spot where the panorama is at its best with our lunch boxes for a unique experience

But Nature also gives us the element that is most important to us: water!

The thermal one in which to dive, relax and reap all its beneficial effects, and the one on which to glide, such as the ancient waterway of the Battaglia Terme canal, which joins Padua and Venice.