The territory

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he Euganean territory, with its thermal park, has much to offer to its tourists thanks to its strategic position.

The territory

The Euganean territory, with its thermal park, has much to offer to its tourists thanks to its strategic position. Here below you will find a list, that we have selected for you, of some of the Beauties of the territory that are a worth a visit. 

Roman Times

In Montegrotto Terme there are two importan archeological sites of the Roman Times: One is in the centre of the city, so it is easy to reach, and consists of ancient roman thermal baths; the second one is an ancient roman villa, with its perfectly maintained mosaic floors.  

Villa Barbarigo - Valsanzibio

This Villa in the centre of the Euganean Park owns one of the most beautiful gardens of the world. In the past, it was accessible from Venice, thanks to a complex channel system. It is now renowned for its beautiful fountains and waterworks and its big maze. 

Golf Club

The vegetation of the Park, its fresh air, the smooth hillside, all of this makes the golf clubs of the territory beautiful. Playing in this location allows to find a perfect harmony with the Philosophy of Wellness connected to our territory. 

Villa Vescovi

Close to Torreglia (Luvigliano), this villa, in a classical roman style, built at the time of the Serenissima, keeps a precious exaple of fresco art. In 2005 it was declared a national monument ad property of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano).

Strada del Vino

The Strada del Vino promotes an itinerary to discover the Euganean territory, a unique location of unique history and traditions. The Association unites wineries, agricultural holdings, tourist accomodations and restaurants to offer a rich experience of the highest quality level to each tourist.  

The Natural Park

The Euganean Natural Park offers many ideal paths for cyclists and for those who love walking while admiring the natural beauty of our territory, history and specialties.

Discover the charm of the Territory 

The Hotel terme Millepini is in Montegrotto Terme, a town which, with Abano, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo, forms part of the Euganean Thermal Park, the biggest one in Europe. 

The position is central to some of the most beautiful cities of our region, such as Padua (14 km), Vicenza (50 km), Venice (60 km), Treviso (80 km), Verona (90 km) and it is also close to the charming Riviera del Brenta and its precious Ville Venete.

Wonderful itineraries of the area

It is possible to organize your holiday coinciding with the Biennale of Art or with the Film Festifal of Venice. It i salso possible to book a tour on board of the “Burchiello”, following the Brenta river, and visit some of the Ville Venete, ex summer residence of the Venetian gentry, arriving to Venice and its small islands.

The hotel also offers the opportunity to take part to the Festival Opera in Arena of Verona and to the Festival Ballet 'Opera Estate' of Bassano del Grappa.

The beautiful historical cities of Monselice, Este and Montagnana with their historical walls and of Arquà Petrarca, a town of the hills in which lived the famous poet Francesco Petrarca, are easy to reach. 

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