Thermal spa – Natural wellbeing

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From the millennial tradition of the SPA (Salus Per Aquam) to the modern concept of SPA as holistic place

Thermal spa – Natural wellbeing

From the millennial tradition of the SPA (Salus Per Aquam) to the modern concept of SPA as holistic place in order to reach the psychological and physical wellbeing, at the Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40® we offer a wide choice of thermal treatments, therapeutic massage with western and eastern techniques, aesthetic professional treatments.

The environments providing armony, the perfumes of the essencial oils, the low lighting of candles give balance and peace of mind

Thermal path

One of the most beautiful paths to walk down inside of the thermal SPA is the one that goes through the Thermal Cave Ninfea: it starts with a few minutes inside the Tiepidarium to let the body get used to the temperature; after that, you have access at the Calidarium for 10-15 minutes. Here the steam and the heat activate the sweating, purifying your body and breath.
After the time spent in the Calidarium, you go back to the Tiepidarium. Here we suggest the path inside the thermal showers (a hot shower similar to a tropical rain and a cold one like a waterfall) to activate the blood circulation and put in motion the oxygen in your body. The next step will be your choice: you can either to come back in the water for another 5-8 minutes in the Calidarium or continue inside the bath tubs full of cold water (Frigidarium) for the immersion and the hydromassage.
As a following step we suggest you take a walk in one of the Kneipp paths (one in the hall of the internal pool and one in the external garden). The path leads the guest through a walk, first in cold water and then in hot water up to the knee, with whirlpools to stimulate the blood circulation
At the end of this path it’s possible to relax in one of the Whirpool bath tubs or lie down on the pool deck.

Kids & Junior SPA

Discover the KIDS & Junior SPA 3months+ and the Junior treatments line from 6 to 12 years old.