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Underwater Photo Shooting

Come and dive into the world biggest pool and book your underwater photo shoot.

The deepest pool of the world becomes a unique and suggetive frame or amazing photos.

Your goals

Each metre is an achievement.

Organize your photo shoot to remember the day you got your diving license, the day of a new personal record.

Also perfect as a gift for your children, who will receive a special souvenir

A romantic surprise

To capture the beautiful picture of your love in a suggesive location, floating in the world deepest pool

Enchant your beloved one with a record-breaking proposal

You will always remember this unique and breathless moment! 


Future moms

You can get beautiful photos of your pregnancy, in a magic location, while floating in the warm water of the pool carrying your baby in your womb

Daddies are welcome too.

N.B. it is necessary to have good swimming skills.


Underwater Photography

Register for the course of Underwater Photography.  Your passion can become a profession

Love Love Love

Bring your partner to the pool, to fall in love with Y-40’s depth

For sharing and loving

Growing up

Bring your children with you and capture their progress underwater, while you harmoniously swim together

Are you the owner of a fashion firm and are looking for a photo shooting location? 

Y-40 The Deep Joy might be what you are looking for


Contact us for information and estimates.

Our professionality and the expertise of our underwater photographers will be at your disposal to realize a successful photo shooting. 

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