Y-40® The Deep Joy

Where everything is possible

The perfect space for scuba and freediving, an immense film set and areas for photo shootings, the laboratory for medical and scientific research

Y-40® The Deep Joy

4,300 cubic meters of thermal water where having free and scuba diving courses. The immensity of a film set and areas for photographic and advertising services. A safe environment for professional exercises and scientific research.

Y-40® The Deep Joy is the place where everything is possible, where living the most amazing aquatic experiences.

Y-40®: has an area of ​​21x18m; the maximum depth is 42.15 meters with different platforms at intermediate depths and caves for technical activities. The pool contains 4,300,000 liters of salsobromoiodic thermal water at the temperature of 32-34°C, the perfect temperature to dive without wetsuit, just with swimsuit.

A Made in Italy construction built in 365 days, projected by the architect Emanuele Boaretto, supported by "Boaretto Group Hotel & Resort".

The deep pool is in the park of Millepini Hotel Terme and can be visited free of charge from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 22:00, on Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00. It is possible to walk in the transparent tunnel that crosses the structure, discovering the magic of this big human aquarium.

Furthermore, the café and cocktail bar of Y-40® The Deep Joy are the right place to stop for a breakfast or an aperitif in an new location.

For hotel guests, it is possible to swim freely in Y-40® at certain times allowed and on request at the hotel reception, in the reserved area, at a depth of -1.3m.



More info: www.y-40.com

28th March 2023
Swim like a mermaid or a dolphin
Prezzo in doppia per persona: 189,00 €
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Immersive SPA
Prezzo in doppia per persona: 740,00 €
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