Courses for pregnant women and babies

Thermae since the very first months of a child’s life

Water is the most feminine element: it nourishes, connects, heals, sustains…it’s the source of life.

Courses for pregnant women and babies

Courses for pregnant women

Water is the most feminine element: it nourishes, connects, heals, sustains…it’s the source of life. It has even a deeper and more efficient effect on pregnant women, who are in a natural state of expansion, regression, vulnerability and openness.  

Relaxing and conceding yourself some time and exercise in thermal water will help taking care of your baby after the birth. These activities in the water aim at helping pregnant women find their Nature, which has its origin in the water.  

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Neonatal Aquatics Courses

If a newborn baby has the possibility to move in the water, since the very first months after the birth, he/she will find an opportunity to gain the natural instinctive reflexes that are connected to the abilitiy of moving around underwater. Babies look for the sensations they have experienced in the womb and water helps them feel not only the same sensations, but also stimulates them through their psychomotor, relational and social development.

We set a pleasant and safe environment at the disposal of the children and their parents, where each experience is presented as a game with precise learning goals: the water becomes a playground that ensures important and highly educational experience for personality, autonomy, safety and wellness.

The groups are divided according to the age of the participants. The lesson lasts 40 minutes. 

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Nicoletta Sorgato

Physical Education teacher for children and teenagers. 

From 1982 to 1993, she worked as “Educational Gymnastics” by ISEF (Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica) in Padua. She’s been a F.I.N. swimming instructor since1979.

She has participated to stages and conventions with contemporary-modern dance and teater-dance teachers.

Through the study and mix of Sports Science and the artistical and sensitive aspect of movement, she elaborated a personal educational and teaching plan. In particular, she followed R. Laban’s method, by LABAN CREEKSIDE in London: a complex creative procedure which deals with the expressive modalities of movement and the communication through the body. 

She studied and practiced Baby acquaticità neonatale, following prof.Jgor Tcharkowsky’s techniques, with assistant  Boris Guinzbourg, and she participated to the courses of the Elemental School of Obstetrical Arts in Florence, with the obstetrician Anna Ceccherini.

She coworked with the acquaticità neonatale instructor Francoise Dully of OndaArte Associacion in Lugano.

For three years, she attended the Aquatic Bodywork - Watsu training school with Harold Dull’s WABA Associacion.

From 2000 to 2004 she attended the Shatsu school in Padova, directed by Claudia Beretta.

Since 1999 she’s been interested in the studies on water-birts of M. Odent and Y.Balaskas, on F. Laboyer’s studies on Indian Carnatic Singing and on A. Montàgu’s studies on Skin Language; so she could develop her personal method to work with babies in the water and to prepare future mothers to the natural birth. 

In 2004 she met Claude Coldy and came to know Sensitive Dancing: a precious instrument to continue her experience in the world of Birth. 

In 2007 she discovered the method of Professor Mario Castagnini, neurologist and child rehabilitator, at the “A.R.C. I NOSTRI FIGLI” Association in Verona. The Association deals with the neuro-psychomotor develpment of children, the problems of preventing disturbs connected to the neonatal development and the modalities of caring for the children in the daily life.