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School for Little Mermaids @Y-40 The Deep Joy

Sunday 3rd April 2016, from 9:30 to 11:30 and from 14:30 to 16:30.

Swim like a mermaid

Swim like a Mermaid” course held by the champion Ilaria Molinari, for girls from 8 to 12 years old

  • 30' minutes to get to know the champion through her story, videos and photos and she will answer all the questions by the young mermaids. 
  • 30' minutes of exercises out of the water and some first explanation about breathing and freediving.
  • 60' minutes in the water of Y-40 to become little mermaids under the expertise of Ilaria Molinari.

It is necessary to be able to swim


Ilaria Molinari

Freediving many times champion and Y-40’s mermaid. 

Record -71 metres: free immersion without fins. 

Record -51 metres: CMS in costant weight, breast-stroke. 

Her performnce as a Mermaid inaugurated the opening of Y-40, with a show that left both the live and the online public breathless. Among them, there was also the pianist Giovanni Allevi, who played his piece Aria as soundtrack for the show. 

Ilaria Molinari:

«I would suggest a child who wishes to become a mermaid starts form this magic experience and then eventually a specific Apnea Academy course. There is a programm called Kids As Dolfins (KAD), created Joseph Porrino, who is, in my opinion, a unicum in the world. The ideal age to start is between 7 and 9. Children learn what safety is and strengthen their natural motor and mental schemes for acquatics, through physical and sensorial training but also through playing. For the children it is a blessing, they have so much fun.   

Actually, there is no ideal age for freediving. The important thing is to learn the safety basics, the my suggestion is to let yourself go and simply have fun. You can really freedive at any age. So, what are you looking for».